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"It is our duty to protect the defenceless and thouroughly peaceful species of Lataliakind from the atrocities they have to fear and sometimes also to endure and which are put upon their little and innocent beings by the most sanguinary people existing, the members of the AQUA."

--  A-AQUA member Maikis Pazifistus in a public speech in 2012 A.C.

The Anti-Anti-Quallen-Allianz (anti-anti-jellyfish-alliance) is a non-government organization directly opposing the AQUA, hence it considers itself as a fighter against the intended eradication of Lataliakind, which is supported and eventually put into practice by the AQUA.


After the end of the long fellowship between jellyfish-protector Marvinus Protectus and Phillius Mortalis due to a betrayal on the part of the latter which was revealed during the Berlin Incident in September 2009, Mortalis' founded the AQUA in order to eradicate all Lataliakind residing on Earth after the destruction of the species' native planet Ernus. In response, Protectus himself founded the anti-AQUA organization A-AQUA together with two other jellyfish protection advocats Maikis Pazifistus and Leonus Tolerantus in order to save the last jellyfish that sought shelter on planet Earth and "to guarantee these peaceful animals a brighter future and 'a worriless life which they so heavily require." (Marvinus Protectus in a speech during the "A Heart For Jellyfish" - Campaign in April 2012). The non-profit organization has already had a tremendous success in the two years of its existence, being able to save several individuals of Lataliakind, among those Quallsüß, The Dentist and Arschqualle, for instance, from the hands of the AQUA. In order to save them, the members of the A-AQUA would spare no effort and risks, not even if their lives are in danger, as this was the case during the Quallsüß-Liberation-Campaign in 2010.


The A-AQUA is led by the three founders Marvinus Protectus, Maikis Pazifistus and Leonus Tolerantus, and although the organization permanently refuses to give an exact list of all its further members in order to keep the activists and their families save from possible attacks by the violent AQUA, one can assume that the number of members is quite high due to the organizations various successful campaigns.


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