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The Anti-Quallen-Allianz (anti-jellyfish-alliance) is an underground organization working for the total extinction of all Lataliakind on earth. The organization was founded and is led by Phillius Mortalis , also known as "Der Schlächter" (The Slaughterman).


The AQUA was founded in January 2010 by the former supporter of Lataliakind Phillius Mortalis . Cruelly betraying his companion Marvinus Protectus, Mortalis pretended to be working in favour of the Latalia, but after two years of allegedly peaceful cooperations his true intentions were finally revealed by Protectus himself. Thus Mortalis founded the AQUA which was quickly joined by the equally evil Annis Torturis. Together, they set themselves the goal "to work as partners in order to eradicate all jellyfish-related life on earth, for these creatures pose a grave danger to mankind." Still, since no evidence whatsoever has been found declaring Lataliakind a threat to humans, the AQUA's veritable motives remain unknown.


Although the AQUA has been active for almost three years by now, the only members remain the leaders Phillius Mortalis and Annis Torturis . Therefore the organization cannot be seen as very successful due to the fact that it represents the opinion of only two out of seven billion people living on earth. Still one must not underestimate the organization's power because Mortalis and Torturis are willing to use all means in order to reach their goal, hence they use violence on a regular basis.


After the cold-blooded betrayal by his former friend and long-time companion Phillius Mortalis, Marvinus Protectus swore an oath to act against Mortalis' just founded organization AQUA in order to protect the peaceful and now deeply threatened Lataliakind . He quickly found two new partners sharing his view, Maikis Pazifistus and Leonus Tolerantus , and the three founded the non-government organization Anti-Anti-Quallenallianz (anti-anti-jellyfish-alliance or A-AQUA) which can be seen as a direct opponent to Mortalis' and Torturis' organization.


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