"I have a clear stance regarding the existence of alien species on our planet, which is to prevent this from happening by all means. The jellyfish that came from Ernus represents an uninvestigated species that does not conform to any organism native on Earth, and as a consequence there is no proof at all that these creatures might not pose a severe threat to all forms of life on our planet."

-- Annis Torturis in her literary work "Me, My Wit and I"

Annis Torturis (*1993 on Earth) is one of the two leading members and founders of the underground organization AQUA. Together with her companion Phillius Mortalis she set her sights on working with all her might for the total extinction of all Lataliakind on Earth. She has proved in the past that she is thoroughly willing to utilize violence and other illegal actions in order to reach her lifelong goal.

Known character traitsEdit

Axiomatically, it can be seen as a matter of fact that Annis' character encompasses all bad attributes one can be capable of possessing. 

To commence, secret psychological scrutinies by Harvard University revealed in early 2012 that Annis enjoys torturing unguilty extraterristrial creatures to an extend verging on sadism. However, Annis horrifyingly doesn't back away from attempting to torture humans, which can be seen with regard to Marvinus Protectus. Fruitlessly, it was him who tried to point her in a different direction by abiding the most inhuman experiencences of physical and psychological pain, but without any success.

In addition to the first aforementioned character trait, Annis is also known to be very undiscerning. Marvinus Protectus , who always assumed that she might have a good core, finally gave up trying to convince her of the fundamental importance of Lataliakind's future existence. Therefore, Annis has been chastising and assasinating further jellyfish to show her devote attitude towards the AQUA.  

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