The Berlin Incident took place in the German capital Berlin in September 2009 within the context of a class outing which also Marvinus Protectus, Maikis Pazifistus, Leonus Tolerantus, Phillius Mortalis and Annis Torturis attented. However, it is commonly regarded as one of the key incidences leading to the foundation of the A-AQUA.

During its course, various future supporters and members of the AQUA attempted to assasinate Quallsüß by means of defenestration. Although cute and unguilty Quallsüß survived severely injured due to Maikis Pazifistus' and Marvin Protectus' intervention, the incident undisputably showed that the AQUA utilizes violence on a regular basis without any restrains.

Eventually, the Berlin Incident raised public awareness on the imminent threat all jellyfish were facing, which ultimately led to the foundation of the A-AQUA.

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