How Latitila might have looked like

"I am the beginning and end of the world. His shining beauty Himself, Twinkle, erst commisioned my to lead Latalia towards a brighter future." 

-- Latitila

Latitila (Latin: Latitilus), Holy Bishop of Dagoth Bah and Source of Sempiternal Virtuousness, was the political leader of Lataliakind and persists the spiritual key figure of Latilism. He had been considered a demigod until Ernus ' destruction. According to Latilism, Latitila was the representative of Twinkle, a metaphorical embodiment of a greater being called Lati in the form of a sun, who had transcendental abilities.

Although he had the highest position in politics on Ernus, he could not wield power over people without the Jelltag's confirmation. Therefore Latitila cannot be seen as a totalitarean leader, which made Ernus' government a democracy.

While His exact outer appereance is unknown, many people claim that he survived Ernus' destruction and lives on Earth planning to take over power again to fulfill what Twinkle allegedly commisioned Him to do.

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