"The leading and only members of the AQUA have shown in the past two years what atrocities they are capacle of in order to rid planet earth from what is probably the most halcyon species in the entire galaxy. No innocent soul vindicating the most precious moral concepts of love, tolerance and respect could legitimize the malignities with which the AQUA has tried to chastise defenceless individuals of Lataliakind. Thus, we need to put all our efforts into working against this devilish organization in order to protect and save this beloved and critically endangered species and to guarantee them the right to live a happy and full life."

-- Maikis Pazifistus in 2012 A.C.

Maikis Pazifistus (*1993 A.C. on earth) is a leading member of the organization A-AQUA and therefore a convinced defender of Lataliakind. She is one of the three founders of the A-AQUA, next to Marvinus Protectus and Leonus Tolerantus.

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