The St. Latitil's Hospital was built in early 2010 within 2 months at the behest of the A-AQUA to serve as a recreation centre for mentally and physically affected jellyfish. A hospital took on significance and became indispensable during the Quallsüß Liberation Campaign when the A-AQUA saved the severely injured jellyfish Quallsüß from his confinement in the AQUA's headquarters. After weeks of torture, the small jellyfish needed several months in order to reach full recovery, and therefore the hospital was built for the nursing of Quallsüß and similar purposes. In the two years of its existence St. Latitil's has already nursed more than 20 victims of the AQUA back to health, among those Quallsüß, The Dentist, Fratzenqualle (who notwithstanding received permanent facial injuries from the methods of torture he had to endure) and Arschqualle, and it is held in high esteem ever since its first success in 2010.
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