1. Twinkle (Sun);2. Jelly; 3. Twonkie; 4. Ernus; 5. Softarium; 6. Cutedorium

- "Might Twinkle shine, enlighten and illuminate us!"

Latitila on the meaning of Twinkle

The Twinkle System is a solar system close to the Sirius System in the Milky Way. Until its most important planet's destruction, the system was also the place where Ernus, one of centres of galaxy and home to the Latalia, could be found. The sun of the system is called "Twinkle" and can be compared to the sun of Earth.

Theological importanceEdit

According to Latilism , Twinkle was an embodiment of a transcendental being, called Lati. Latitila , who was seen as the representative on Ernus of this being, claimed to have direct contact to Twinkle.

Thus, Twinkle as a sun is one of the key elements of Latilism .

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